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Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

"Seek to know yourself as more, not what the beliefs your mind  has stored"- Daniel Rechnitzer


Quantum Healing

This therapy is an approach using NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy and more, to facilitate change at an subconscious level. It facilitates the subconscious shifts necessary to heal emotionally or physically, change a behaviour, or eliminate a fear or anxiety. There is only so much change that can be done consciously and on a physical level, it's when we can gain shifts in our subconscious stored emotions and beliefs from our past, that we are able to experience profound change in our lives. 

This therapy offers the opportunity for you to truly be, do and have all that you choose. To finally feel free, self expressed, loved, healthy, and be the best version of you.

NLP Practitioner

Holistic health

Life Coach


After years of treating patients, I found that in some individuals the medication given, whether pharmaceutical or natural was only masking the symptoms. Some individuals would get anxiety, but once addressing their nutritional and biochemical imbalances is was alleviated. Others, regardless of what was applied, their minds kept self perpetuating their condition.


It became quite obvious to me that the individuals resistant to therapy were harbouring some deeply embedded neuro-pathways that were being triggered by their subconscious. If you haven't heard what they are yet, they are the nerve cell connections in the brain that trigger a thought, emotion or behaviour. It is by altering the subconscious programing that we can rewire the neuro-pathways, allowing those deeply embedded ones to weaken and dissolve, therefore relieving them of the trigger that causes the condition/symptom of i.e. anxiety.


Have you been feeling trapped in a state of constant worry?

Do you need to rely on alcohol or something else in order to socialize or relax?

Does your heart lump in your chest when you are at trying to rest or fall asleep?

Are you sick of having to rely on medication, whether natural or pharmaceutical to feel ok?


Depression is defined by a period of sadness for longer than several weeks. It may be accompanied by feelings of low self worth or low energy and a lack of interest in life.

The thoughts we have on a daily basis create our reality. So imagine if you could rewire your mind to naturally think differently- imagine the impact that will have on your life?

With just a few sessions the impact we can make on your perspective and level of happiness will be profound.

Difficulties with weight loss

Have you been tryin hard to lose weight, maybe you have been exercising, dieting, seeing other practitioners, yet you still can't lose weight?

Maybe you have been trying to follow a diet and exercise regime but for some you keep falling off the wagon and binging.

With this regressive therapy I am able to resolve the unconscious decisions you made in that past that cause you to act in ways you wish you did not now, freeing you from anxieties, fears, self esteem issues, and anything else that may be holding you back from being the person you truly are inside.

Become pain free

Did you know that chronic pain in the body can be a direct relationship to unprocessed stored emotion. There has been cases of people experiencing chronic Fibromyagia pain for years, unable to find relief until they saw a practitioner who could work with their subconscious stored emotion. By releasing that, their pain disappeared.


What about that weird shoulder pain you keep getting?

Or maybe a tightness in the neck that won't seem to budge even with constant massage, Chiro or Physio.

Chronic Fatigue

There is a condition that is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is Naturopathically diagnosed as low cortisol production and poor adrenal function. However, once these areas have been addressed one should see vast improvements in energy and vitality. Unfortunately for some people this isn't the case.


Either they keep living the lifestyle that perpetuated the condition in the first place, which leads them straight back again. Or the fatigue was felt for so long that they created a subconscious pattern which blocks them from feeling energized and well.

This therapy allows me to make the changes needed at a subconscious level, to have you feeling amazing again.

Insomnia and sleep issues

Do you suffer with insomnia, or just have trouble falling to sleep at night?

Maybe you have tried all the sleeping medication on the planet and all the magnesium or kava there is, yet you still have trouble with sleep.

There are definitely things your body needs in order to make the sleep hormone melatonin, but after that is addressed you should be able to get to sleep, so why is the mind still getting in the way?

This therapy will relieve the conflict in the mind causing the sleep trouble, which will allow you to relax and naturally drift off to sleep.


The healthiest version of YOU

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